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The five amazing things of the EMBERÁ community

The five amazing things of the EMBERÁ community “To this day the Embera community still uses chamanic doctors, that harvest medicine from the rainforest.” – Líder Sucre, environmental leader I went to live with the natives of an originary native community and it was very interesting. The Emberá have inhabited the region for 10,000 years, […]

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Interesting things that I learned in my visits to the Panama Canal

“I never get bored to visit the Panama Canal.  Just to understand that is an engineering project finished more than a 100 years ago, that is still going on flawlessly” – Stephan Joachim Panama Layover visits the Panama Canal frequently, since our clients never want to leave the country without getting to know it. We […]

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Panama Layover – “Turning your layover in fun over”

Panama Tocumen Airport has grown to be a hub base for many airline companies – mainly COPA, with connecting flights to plenty of destinations around LATAM, The Caribbean and North America. During 2018, Panama Layover Inc., a local entrepreneurship initiative provided happiness and relaxation to travelers on long layovers with short city tours to some […]

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