Top 3 Layover Tours during 2018

Last year Panama Layover Inc., a local entrepreneurship initiative, began activities, and provided happiness to travelers on long layovers. These were the top tours booked by travelers.

  1. Casco Antiguo. This beautiful place gathered recognition from UNESCO, and from travel bloggers such as FORBES magazine; as one of the top 12 neighborhoods to visit. It’s a beautiful mix of architectural influences colonial styles; with stretch streets, eye catching balconies, diverse culinary offer, and plenty of places to grab a coffee or a drink.
  2. The Miraflores Panama Canal Visitors Center is always a nice visit. The idea of building a transoceanic canal throughout the stretch Isthmus of Panama more than 100 years ago is something that still amazes everyone. The cultural, economical and historical aspects of it can be understood at the interactive museum.
  3. The Ancient Panama La Vieja is an archeological site that back in 1519 was the first European town in the newly ”discovered” Pacific Ocean. The conditions on this human enclave were very harsh, but the reward of riches from the Inca Empire were enough to sustain a town for years until it was burned down by infamaous pirate Herny Morgan.

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