Top 5 Cool things to do in Colon (The Panamanian Caribbean)

Last year Panama Layover Inc., a local entrepreneurship initiative, began activities, and provided happiness to travelers on long layovers at the airport or hotels.

The main city in the Panamanian Caribbean is Colon. There is a Tour to visit its attractions, and it’s called “ALL DAY CARIBBEAN TOUR

“, and starts very early in Panama or Colon and explores the five coolest places of this area.

  1. Visit the expanded Canal. This is a must, but it does not feel that way, it’s very fun. The expanded Canal is a pharaonic work that has a spectacular view of Gatun Lake, the largest locks in the world and the possibility of seeing the Neo Panamax ships. Also a trail to walk and observe a vibrant nature.
  2. The Town of Portobelo. This small and picturesque town has a big personality, which comes from the time where its streets managed Gold as the legal tender (circa 1518). The village church is a work of art of simplicity, with an expresive image of the revered black Christ.
  3. The Fort of San Lorenzo. This is the closest sample that you will have of the fratricidal struggle between the colonists in the service of the Spanish crown against the pirates and corsairs of the English crown, who sailed to terrorize the towns like this throughout the Caribbean. Experience aiming with one of the cannons to transport yourself to those times. UNESCO appointed this site as Heritage Site.
  4. Gatun Locks and Canal crossing. Cross on a ferry or pass over the bridge over the canal, and learn about the operation of the Gatun locks. Here you could be able to see boats of 80,000 tons from a distance of 15 meters. It is a humbling experience.
  5. Caribbean culinary experience. Eat a plate of rice with coconut and any seafood plate Colon style, with a delicious drink. This experience will not leave you meditating on technology, culture or history, but rather you´ll feel happy and full of the Caribbean cuisine love.

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